Whether you’re planning to renovate a historic home in Denver, NC, or you need to heat and cool an addition to an existing home, custom ductwork design and fabrication makes the process easier and more effective. Customized ductwork is also helpful when retrofitting a home for central heating and cooling. Read on to learn about the benefits of investing in custom ductwork design and fabrication created by our professional HVAC company.

Improved Energy Efficiency

According to Energy Star, old, leaky ducts could waste 20% to 40% of the heated or cooled air produced by your HVAC system. Prefabricated ducts that aren’t the right size or configuration can also leak a lot of the heated or conditioned air. With custom ductwork design and fabrication, you can eliminate almost all of these air leaks and improve your HVAC system’s efficiency. A more efficient HVAC system costs less to operate, experiences less wear and tear, and has a longer lifespan.

Custom Solutions for Unique Homes

If your home has a unique design or floor plan, custom ductwork can be tailored to it. Homes that have had a lot of past renovations also benefit from custom ductwork design and fabrication. Historical homes are particularly challenging when it comes to prefabricated ducts. With customized ducts, you can keep the charm and original features of the home when installing a central heating and cooling system.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

Custom ductwork designs ensure optimal airflow to every part of your home. You won’t have to deal with rooms that are too hot or stuffy. When ducts are the right size and properly configured, the rate of air exchange and ventilation improves. This leads to better indoor air quality. It’s easier to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level with individualized duct solutions.

To learn more about the perks of investing in custom ductwork design and fabrication, take a look at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning’s duct services, or contact our professional HVAC company today.

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