Your professional and personal life in Denver, North Carolina, are busy. When you add the holiday season into the mix, you likely have little time to think about how much household energy you’re consuming. If you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, though, you can leave all that hard work to a device that’s designed to make your life easier.

Conserve Energy and Save Money

North Carolina’s residents pay an average monthly electricity bill of $117, which is $10 higher than the national average. Although homeowners in Denver, North Carolina, enjoy some of lowest electricity rates in the country, there’s no doubt they rely heavily on their heating and cooling system throughout the year for constant comfort.

When you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, you can lower your energy bill by setting your HVAC system to adjust to and operate around your busy schedule. Remember that for every degree you program your thermostat lower in the winter and higher in the summer, you can save up to 2 percent on your monthly utility costs.

Maximize Your Comfort Without Manual Adjustments

A programmable thermostat let’s you set it and forget it – literally. The device will work around your schedule, warming your home during the winter or cooling it during the summer before you return home from work. While you’re asleep or away, it’ll automatically adjust your home’s temperature to ensure you’re maximizing your comfort and savings.

Choose From a Range Of Models For Your Needs

Forget the days and nights of manually adjusting your thermostat to reach your desired temperature. When you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, pick a model that perfectly suits your home’s specific scheduling needs:

  • 7-day model: Allows you to set a schedule for each day of the week.
  • 5-1-1 model: Allows you to set a schedule for the week, Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5-2 model: Allows you to set a schedule for the week and the weekend.
  • 1-week model: Allows you to set one schedule for the entire week.

If you’re interested in customizing your comfort and increasing your energy savings, upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Contact Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning at (704) 285-1070 to learn more about our products.

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