Smart Sensors Make HVAC Repairs Easier In Mt. Mourne, NC

Just as HVAC systems have advanced in the past few years, so have the types of issues surrounding their performance and maintenance. Simple duct work, blowers, and chillers are a thing of the past; now most systems include some type of computer control, dual zoning, and remote or mobile device controls. And if you’ve got an HVAC system in your Mt. Mourne, NC home, you need someone local who can handle all the different technological issues that may arise.

The next generation of advances in HVAC is just around the corner with smart sensors that can detect problems and send critical information to technicians, saving both time and money for homeowners in Mt. Mourne, NC.

Smart HVAC Systems Alert You About Maintenance Issues

While initial purchase prices can vary depending on the system type and size, the most expensive part of an HVAC system is its maintenance. Most systems operate at 57% of their total capacity on average. While checklists and diagnostics can help identify HVAC issues, focusing on the more obvious systems can cause underlying problems to be overlooked by technicians. In these instances, technicians are inevitably called back repeatedly for the same issue. Our Mt. Mourne technicians are trained to recognize these issues, then make adjustments accordingly.

Installing sensor technology on your HVAC system can give you a heads-up on subtle issues, helping you to avoid costly, and sometime needless, maintenance. Sensor technology, or “smart HVACs” offer a way for HVAC contractors to better serve their customers. By outfitting new units with wireless sensors that monitor even tiny fluctuations in temperature, air flow, and performance, HVAC companies can design total home comfort systems that include lightning-fast preventative maintenance based on the sensor-reported information.

Smart Thermostat Controls Efficiently Keep Homes Comfortable

In addition to letting you know exactly what needs to be repaired and when, a smart HVAC system can save you money on your monthly bill. It takes a lot of energy to heat up or cool down a house. A smart HVAC system can cool or heat any room evenly and efficiently. And that’s not all. You can control in which room the air is running and turn off vents in unused rooms. Some smart systems also have controls to reduce mugginess on humid days. And using your smart phone, you can adjust your thermostat from wherever you are.

Bottom line? A smart HVAC system can help you reduce your Mt. Mourne, NC heat bill, save on preventative maintenance, and reduce your carbon footprint by saving more energy.

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