Signs Your Furnace Needs a New Blower Motor

All furnaces need professional heating repairs eventually and sometimes replacement parts. A common heating problem Denver, NC, homeowners face is a bad furnace blower motor. Here are some signs that could indicate you need to have your furnace’s blower motor repaired or replaced.

Loud, Odd Sounds

Have you noticed rattling, squealing, or other strange sounds coming from your vents? If so, you likely have an issue with the blower. Sometimes, the problems aren’t as bad as they sound. Tightening a loose belt or replacing the blower’s bearings could solve the issue. However, if the sounds coming from your vents sounds like someone’s playing drums inside the ductwork, something has broken. When the sounds get this bad, turn off the furnace and call a heating contractor to troubleshoot the problem.

Burning Smells

Sometimes, blower motors draw too much amperage. When this happens, the wiring inside the motor burns. Ideally, when this happens, the furnace should turn itself off. Some models do this, but not all. If your furnace is one that doesn’t shut down, you’ll likely notice a strong burning odor.

Don’t mess around when your furnace smells like it’s burning. Turn it off to prevent a fire from breaking out. Even if a fire doesn’t break out, a blower motor that’s constantly overheating will result in more extensive damage to your heating system.

Rising Heating Costs

A broken blower motor doesn’t operate properly and often causes the furnace to turn on and off constantly. This is called short cycling and it’s not good for your heating system or your energy bills. When the system doesn’t complete a cycle and runs frequently, it uses more energy, and your utility bill takes the hit.

The good news is that a bad furnace blower motor doesn’t have to affect your home’s comfort, safety, or electricity bills. If you suspect you have an issue with this part, call Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning for expert diagnosis and professional heating repairs.

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