Signs your Commercial Heating System Needs Professional Attention

Your commercial heating system keeps you open for business when temperatures plunge in the Charlotte metropolitan area. Catching potential problems early on is the best way to ensure employees and customers don’t get left shivering in the cold. Safeguard your bottom line from the costs associated with commercial heating repairs by contacting a qualified service technician if you notice any of the following signs of malfunction.

Dirty Filters

While HVAC filters help keep the airflow healthy, their primary job is to protect the equipment from damaging dust and debris. A clogged filter also makes your heating system work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, increasing wear and tear on the system. Signing up for regularly scheduled maintenance is the easiest way to protect your budget from unexpected commercial heating repairs.

Inefficient Operation

Boasting features that conserve energy and lower your operating costs, today’s commercial heating systems are engineered for efficiency. Higher than usual heating costs can indicate there’s something wrong with the equipment. Short system cycles, uneven airflow, and temperature variations are all signs of inefficiency. A quick evaluation from a qualified service technician can identify the problem and help keep your heating bills manageable.

Unusual Noises

It’s easy to become accustomed to normal heating system noises, such as the sound of air blowing through the vents or the quiet hum of a motor. It’s when you hear something new that you need to take action. Unfamiliar noises like rattles, bangs, hissing, or ear-splitting whines can mean a loose or broken part is damaging the system. Resolving the problem as quickly as possible can prevent the need for more extensive commercial heating repairs or replacements.

At Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to provide businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding area with top-quality commercial HVAC services. When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing your HVAC systems are in good hands.

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