Signs Your AC’s Air Handler Needs to be Replaced

Your AC air handler plays a vital role in providing cool comfort for you and your family in Mooresville, North Carolina. Working with your local HVAC service experts can help you deal with these three warning signs that your air handler may be due for replacement.

Higher Cooling Bills

If your utility bills increase significantly with no apparent explanation, your AC air handler could be to blame. Because central air conditioning relies on ductwork and forced-air delivery of cool air to various parts of your North Carolina home, a failing air handler could force your system to work harder to produce acceptable indoor temperatures during the heat of summer. Scheduling a checkup for your entire HVAC system is usually the best course of action when your cooling system begins to cost much more to operate.

Icing or Freezing Up in Summer

Ice forming on the air distribution system of your HVAC system is usually a sign that a component of your cooling equipment is malfunctioning. If your AC air handler does not distribute cold air away from your HVAC system, the result is often ice forming on your air conditioning coils. Scheduling a service visit is usually the best way to identify the underlying cause of this problem and resolve it quickly.

Inconsistent Indoor Comfort

A failing AC air handler system can reduce indoor comfort for you and your family. Investing in regular maintenance visits by trusted HVAC service experts can help you keep things cool and comfortable throughout the summer months in our area.

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning employs NATE-certified technicians with extensive experience in the heating and cooling industry. Our HVAC service experts can diagnose issues with your AC air handler and can provide you with the right recommendations for air conditioning repair or replacement. Give us a call today to schedule a service call. We are here to help whenever you need reliable HVAC services in the Greater Lake Norman area.

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