Signs the Ductwork in Your Commercial Space is Inefficient

Your commercial building’s HVAC system must be in good condition to distribute air efficiently. If your Denver, NC, building has poor ductwork, heating and cooling the facility becomes difficult, and your operating costs will soar. Stay alert to these signs of inefficient ductwork and call a qualified service technician for commercial HVAC services to fix the problem.

5 Signs Your Ductwork Is Inefficient

Leaky ductwork in your building can account for as much as 40% of energy loss. Rusty ductwork, improperly sealed duct joints, and other damage can cause ducts to leak, wasting conditioned air and money. The best way to determine if your building’s ducts are leaking is to hire commercial HVAC services to perform a duct leakage test. However, the following five warning signs can give you a good idea if your ductwork needs attention:

  • Excess dirt and dust throughout the building: Dirt and debris collect in the ductwork. If you have more dust or dirt throughout your building, the reason could be leaky ducts.
  • Hot or cold spots in conditioned areas: This problem indicates that heated or cooled air isn’t getting to the designated area. A leak or improperly installed ductwork could cause this issue.
  • Excess humidity: Humidity in your building must go somewhere, and often it gets trapped in the ductwork. If the ducts have holes or not sealed properly, the moisture leaks out, and your building will feel more humid.
  • Poor indoor air quality: Airborne contaminants can slip through the tiniest hole in inefficient ductwork, adversely affecting your building’s indoor air quality.
  • High heating and cooling bills: Energy loss through faulty ductwork contributes to higher utility bills and increased operating costs.

Schedule Duct Sealing Today!

One of the most effective ways to fix inefficient ductwork to improve comfort, lower operating costs, and improve indoor air quality is duct sealing. To learn more about the aerosol duct sealing process, contact Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning.

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