Repair These Common AC Problems Before It’s Too Late

Originally published in May 2018

The weather conditions in Denver, North Carolina, have been especially wet and humid this spring. To stay cool and comfortable, most homeowners have already turned their air conditioners on full blast. Hopefully, a professional has already performed AC maintenance on your system and repaired any lingering issues. But if not, you should schedule a check today, especially if you notice any of these common AC problems. Otherwise, it could cost you this summer.

Unusual Loud Noises

If you have an older AC system, you’re probably used to it making loud noises when it turns on and off. But if those noises continue during operation, there’s likely an underlying issue that needs addressing. If you hear grinding, hissing, squealing or rattling, shut your system off immediately to prevent further damage. A worn belt has either slipped off or a part has come loose. In most cases, the air conditioner issue is repairable with a professional’s help.

Blowing Warm Air

The most common HVAC complaint among homeowners in Denver, North Carolina, is that their air conditioners are blowing warm air. In some cases, switching the thermostat’s setting from “Fan” to “Auto” and “Cool” fixes the problem. But if your supply vents continue blowing warm air after you’ve checked your thermostat, a professional will need to inspect the system. The problem might be because there’s a refrigerant leak or the compressor is broken.

Frequent Cycling

If your air conditioner is too big for your home, it’ll keep turning on and off. But if your AC system has been properly sized for your home and is still frequently cycling, there’s another problem at play. Turn the AC system completely off for a few hours, and turn it back on. Is it still cycling erratically? It could be because it has faulty wiring, loose wires or the power source has gone bad. Don’t try to fix this yourself; call in a professional for the AC repair.

Are you already noticing AC problems this cooling season? Don’t wait any longer to repair them. Contact Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning today for professional help repairing your air conditioner.

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