Proper Design is Crucial for New Duct Installations

When temperatures heat up or cool down, Mooresville, NC homeowners turn to their thermostat to regulate their comfort. The real source of continual comfort, however, is the ductwork that delivers the heated or cooled air throughout your home.

Whether you’re upgrading your ductwork, adding ductwork to a room addition, or converting from baseboard heating, proper design is crucial for new duct installations. Here are three things to look for to ensure a quality installation.

Correct Sizing

Incorrect duct sizing leads to energy loss and added stress on your HVAC equipment. At Lakeside, we take a current load calculation to make sure your air ducts maintain the correct airflow pressure to heat and cool your home effectively.

Tight Connections

A tight connection involves more than merely inserting one end of ductwork into another. Joints should be tightly screwed together; an ideal connection will also use Aeroseal to seal the joint from the inside.

Minimal Turns

The more your ductwork bends and turns, the less likely it is the conditioned air will get to where it needs to go. Also, flexible ducting needs supported every four feet to prevent airflow restriction caused by sagging or kinked ducts.

Your comfort depends on conditioned air reaching all of the rooms in your home. The HVAC services we offer at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning include custom designing and fabricating the ductwork we use for duct installations. This gives us higher quality control compared to our competitors in the Greater Lake Norman area.

The ductwork in your HVAC system plays a crucial role in your home comfort. It also significantly affects your financial health. To learn more about how your ductwork affects HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality, check out the ductwork services we offer or call us at (704) 285-1070. We provide comprehensive HVAC services to Mooresville, NC, and surrounding areas.

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