Maximizing Your AC’s Energy Efficiency

A cool house feels amazing on a hot summer day. Don’t let the high price of electricity in Denver, NC deprive you of the cool comfort you deserve. Use these tips to maximize indoor comfort and energy efficiency while minimizing costs:

Make AC Maintenance a Top Priority

Air conditioners should be serviced before they begin working in the summer. Preventive maintenance is the key to low energy costs. AC tune-ups can save you up to 40 percent on utility bills. One of the biggest impediments to efficiency is the grungy coating that collects on air conditioners after just one cooling season. Your system can’t perform at peak efficiency if it has to power its way through dirty buildup. It will overwork, guzzle energy, and drive utility bills over the top.

Keep AC Filters Squeaky Clean

A clean cooling machine can’t help you save money if it has to push cool air through a dirty filter. It will again overwork, and that will inflate energy bills. Check your filters every 30 days. Most filters need a change between 30 and 90 days, but every home is unique. People, pets, and activity all impact the frequency of filter changes. A good rule of thumb is to change the filter whenever there’s too much dirt to see any filter material.

Boost Energy Efficiency Even More

  • Maintain the outdoor unit. Clear away any debris or foliage that could obstruct airflow.
  • Close your curtains during the day. Solar radiation can heat up your home and increase your air conditioner’s workload.
  • Supplement your AC with ceiling fans. The wind chill effect can make you feel cooler without lowering the thermostat.
  • Install a smart thermostat. It can automatically adjust temperatures for maximum energy efficiency.

AC maintenance from Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning can keep your cooling equipment stay in high-efficiency mode. Call (704) 285-1070 to schedule a tune-up now.

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