How Indoor Air Quality Affects Asthma

If you’re among the 25 million Americans who suffer from asthma, you’ve probably learned how to avoid many common triggers. From tobacco smoke to pollen, these triggers can transform an annoying condition into a potentially life-threatening reaction. The problem is that some indoor air quality triggers are harder to avoid than others. In fact, they can often be found even in the comfort of your Lake Norman, NC home.

An Asthmatic’s Guide to Indoor Air Quality

In pristine Lake Norman, it seems hard to believe that indoor air quality could be an issue. In reality, you may be exposed to more irritants at home than anywhere else. The main problem is high concentrations of particulate matter. When you breathe air that contains particulate matter, some of those particulates enter into your respiratory system. This may provoke an inflammatory response that can subsequently trigger or exacerbate asthma symptoms.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

In the tight confines of an indoor environment, it doesn’t take much to ruin your air quality. Unfortunately, most homes are packed full of potential sources of air pollution. Humans, pets, dust mites, cockroaches, and other uninvited guests can all generate airborne pollutants. Furniture, building supplies, appliances, and other objects may also produce asthma-triggering substances. Other pollutants can even be drawn into your living space by your HVAC system. If your air ducts aren’t properly sealed, leaks may allow dust and other particulates to enter your home.

How to Asthma-Proof Your Home

Making your home a safer and healthier place is easier than it might sound. You can start by having a skilled professional assess your air quality and check for obvious problems. For many homes, the recommended next step is to install a whole-house ventilator. Improved ventilation is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to eliminate air quality issues. Depending on your needs, a professional may also recommend other air quality solutions. This may include more effective air filters, high-efficiency air cleaners, and humidifier systems.

Living with asthma is challenging enough without having to worry about whether your home is making you sick. For greater health and peace of mind, check out Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning’s indoor air quality services or call (704) 285-1070.

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