Heat Pumps: Clean Energy Technologies For Mt Ulla, NC

Heat pumps are not new, however the technology has advanced greatly since their introduction in the 19th century. They provide energy efficient and cost-effective air cooling and heating as well as water heating for businesses and homes. Yet, despite being very popular with many Mt. Ulla, NC residents, geothermal heat pumps remain one of the lesser known clean energy technologies.

A traditional system creates heat by burning fuel, a heat pump moves already available heat either into or out of buildings. Although a heat pump needs electricity to operate, they are so efficient that they can provide the same amount of heated air for a third of the electricity a traditional heating system would use.

Efficient And Economical Heating And Cooling

Heat pumps comprise a system of two units—an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor radiator—that circulate liquid refrigerant between them. When heating, the heat pump uses pressurization to heat the liquid, then pumps it from outdoors to inside, and circulates it through the structure’s heating system.

Once the liquid transfers heat into the structure, it is depressurized and cooled. It then circulates to the outdoor radiator, where it is warmed by the ambient temperature and the process repeats itself to continue heating the building. The cooling process is similar, the warm air is cooled by the refrigerant, which has been depressurized. The refrigerant is then moved outside and pressurized, which causes it to heat up. The cooler outside temperature cools it down, and it is recirculated back inside.

A Heat Pump for Your Mt. Ulla Home:

An Energy Efficient Alternative To Furnaces And Air Conditioners

Because heat pumps utilize the temperature of either the outdoor air, water or the ground to cool or heat buildings, they are considered a clean energy technology. Geothermal or ground heat pumps use much less energy than conventional heating systems, since they pull heat from the ground. They are more efficient and not only save energy and money, but they also reduce pollution.

Bottom line? An efficient heat pump can help you reduce your Mt. Ulla, NC heat bill, save on preventative maintenance, and reduce your carbon footprint by saving more energy.

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