Don’t Ignore These Dangerous Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Furnace

Every homeowner wants to start his or her year off on the right track. While the weather in Denver, North Carolina, has been relatively mild this winter, your heating system has still had to shoulder a significant load to keep you warm through the holidays and into the new year. If you’ve noticed of these warning signs of a malfunctioning furnace, it’s time to contact an HVAC contractor. Otherwise, you risk a costly furnace replacement later in 2018.

Pool of Water Near Your Furnace

Your furnace can potentially leak two substances: water and gas. While a water leak isn’t as dangerous as a gas leak, you still need to address the problem before it causes further damage. If you find pools of water near your furnace, it’s likely because of a clogged condensate drain line. An HVAC service technician should repair this issue.

Smell of Gas Throughout Your Home

Leaking gas is much more of a dangerous issue than leaking water. If you smell gas in your home, turn your furnace as well as the gas supply valve off. Contact a service technician immediately, and don’t turn on any lights.

Your Furnace Blows Weak or Cold Air

If your furnace blows warm air at a weak rate, there’s likely an issue with the fan, belt or motor. If it blows cold air, you probably have a problem with the thermocouple or pilot light. Both need professional attention.

Higher That Expected Energy Bills

There are plenty of reasons your energy bills might increase, including higher demand during the holidays. But if your consumption has lowered and your energy bills haven’t, a service technician should inspect your furnace for possible issues. A clogged air filter or leaking ductwork is often the cause of higher than usual monthly energy bills.

Ignoring these warning signs of a malfunctioning furnace can put your family in danger. Assure your health and safety by contacting Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning today at (704) 285-1070 for a furnace inspection and repair.

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