Choosing the Right Thermostat for You

Your thermostat is one of the most powerful devices in your Mooresville, NC home. This small device controls the air flow in your entire house, raising or lowering the temperature to maximize your comfort throughout the year. This device is the key to effectively controlling your HVAC products, which is why picking the right one for your home is essential. If you are in the market for a new device, then be sure to consider the following factors.


The biggest innovation in temperature control began with the programmable thermostat. Older models relied on manual controls, which were prone to human error. With programmable models, it is possible to precisely set your temperature, allowing for planned variations throughout the day. This is not just a matter of convenience. It is also a way to save money. By most estimates, a programmable device can shave up to 20 percent off your energy bills each year.

Wireless Connectivity

Programmable devices are no longer the pinnacle of cutting edge technology. Instead, the latest HVAC products include smart features. These smart features are anchored by the device’s wireless connectivity. Through a wireless connection, your temperature control can be handled remotely. With this accessibility, you have more power than ever to control your energy consumption. Plus, some of these smart devices even have learning capabilities. This means that the device gets smarter the more you use it.


Before you pick a device, make sure it is compatible with your other HVAC products. Different HVAC systems use different temperature control systems. Therefore, know if you have central heat and air. Moreover, verify what type of fuel your system uses. Gas, oil, and electric systems are all compatible with different devices. Other options for heat pumps, electric baseboard heat, fireplaces, and wall furnaces are also available.

If you have more questions about picking the right thermostat, learn about the options at Lakeside. Call (704) 285-1070 to get started today.

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