A New AC Installation Could Actually Save You Money

Are you tired of spending $300 or more on your monthly electric bill during the summer? If your Denver, NC home’s air conditioner is more than 10 years old, a brand new system will slash your utility bills.

Wear and Tear Takes a Toll

Just like any other piece of equipment, air conditioners lose efficiency over time. Pumps wear out, fans work harder to compensate, and coils grow dirty. Regular system maintenance and other HVAC services will keep your system running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible, but nothing can halt the march of time. Eventually, your 10-SEER system will be running like an 8-, 7-, or even 6-SEER system.

New SEER Requirements Save Energy

Unless you opted for a high-efficiency unit for your last AC installation, new systems will have higher SEER ratings. A 10-SEER system was standard a decade ago, but new industry regulations require a minimum SEER rating of 14 in most parts of the country. A 14-SEER system uses 30 percent less electricity than a 10-SEER model. If your air conditioner is old and running like a 5-SEER unit, upgrading to an efficient 18-SEER model will use a whopping 72 percent less electricity.

Efficient Systems Run for Shorter Periods of Time

After a new AC installation, you’ll realize that your system runs for shorter periods of time. Because every component is working at maximum efficiency, your system will keep you cool with less effort. New standards including humidity controls and thermostat scheduling further increase efficiency and comfort.

Air conditioning is vital during the hottest summer months, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend top dollar to stay comfortable. Nearly any system installed today will be far more efficient than any system installed a decade ago. Want to learn about other ways that new air conditioners can save you money? Check out our blog for other cost-saving tips and HVAC services, or call us at (704) 285-1070.

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