3 Preventive Steps to Maintain Your HVAC

The easiest way to ensure consistent indoor comfort in your Denver, NC, home is to practice preventive maintenance with your heating and cooling equipment. Here are three essential tasks you should never neglect:

Clean Your Air Filters

Whether it’s an air conditioner, a heat pump or a furnace, the filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. In most cases, that means filter replacement every month. You might have to change the filters more often if you have multiple pets with shedding fur. A clean filter will help your system to perform to the fullest, and it will also trap particles that pollute indoor air.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected

Ducts in Denver, NC, homes should be checked for leaks every several years. If leaks are found, they should be sealed by an experienced service technician. Cracks and holes in ductwork waste heated and cooled air, so utility bills are higher than they should be. When treated air continually escapes, your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner must make up for the shortage by working double time. That subjects your equipment to unnecessary wear and tear. Leaks can also weaken airflow, which reduces indoor comfort.

Schedule an HVAC Tuneup

Denver, NC, homeowners should schedule an air conditioner tuneup in early spring and a heater tuneup in early fall. Your service technician will take care of the rest. A proper tuneup includes a head-to-toe inspection of the unit and a thorough equipment cleaning, as well as a series of tests to ensure proper system performance and safe operation. That includes tightening any loose electrical connections, checking the refrigerant level and adjusting it if necessary, replacing worn belts, inspecting the condensate line for clogs, calibrating thermostats and controls, lubricating moving parts and other tasks designed to boost system performance.

An Ounce of Prevention Beats a Pound of Cure

Maintenance is good medicine for your vehicle, your body, your home, and your heating and cooling equipment. It will save you money too. Learn more about caring for your HVAC by visiting Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning or by calling (704) 285-1070 for expert heating and cooling advice.

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