Why Is Your Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

There’s a lot of summer fun to be had in North Carolina, as long as you have a solid plan to beat the heat. With the past summers bringing record temperatures, this year is on track to be a particularly hot one. A high quality AC system is vital to staying cool, and in Denver, NC, we certainly put our HVAC units through their paces.

If you have an older or under-serviced air conditioner, you might find yourself in an unexpected situation this summer. Your system could begin blowing warm or hot air.

Here are a few of the most common causes for warm air from emanating from your air conditioning unit. You’ll learn what can create this problem and what you need to do to ensure your system performs properly in the dog days of summer.

Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air

Hot air blowing from your AC seemes like a very specific problem, so you’d likely expect a straightforward cause. But the truth is there are actually a few potential issues at work here, many of which call for professional repair.

Operator error

It might be a startling cause and even maybe a bit embarrassing, but either through accident or miscommunication, this is actually the number one cause. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.

Check your system carefully before calling in for costly repairs. See that it is absolutely set to “cool” instead of “warm”. Sometimes a stray shoulder-bump or a bit of forgetfulness can be the source of your troubles.

Poor electrical connections

Electrical failure is a common cause of a wide number of air conditioner issues. If the breaker for your outdoor unit has flipped, then your system will refuse to operate. If the blower motor has a poor connection, you’re likely going to experience warm air in the home.

Refrigerant leaks

Your system uses refrigerant to perform its job, cycling the product form a gas to a liquid, then back to a gas as it goes about its work. When you have a refrigerant leak, your system doesn’t really have a way to know that the problem is there. This means it just goes about its operations, continuing to demand the same efforts of whatever refrigerant in your system. This can result in your system blowing poorly cycled, warm air.

And the reason it’s a “leak” rather than “low refrigerant” is that your system never actually uses up refrigerant. The only thing that can alter the amount in your system is a leak.

 A clogged outdoor unit

Going outdoors and checking the exterior unit might provide you with the cause. Are dust, debris, and leaves choking the fins of your unit? If so, this is altering the air flow in your system and killing its ability to provide cool air to your home.

Beat the Heat with AC Maintenance

To ensure your system never encounters the warm air problems above, the experts at Lakeside Heating & Air Conditioning recommend you seek professional maintenance on a routine basis. High quality cooling system care will ensure you never experience a refrigerant leak, or if one occurs, you’ll have help just a quick call away.

For more information on air conditioning services in the Denver, North Carolina area, visit our Services page.

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